Kanban Kit

Get Your Projects Done.

Getting Started

  1. Create a task. (Click on Add Task or Press SHIFT + RETURN.)

  2. Add a Project-Tag to it. (For Example: new-super-app.)

  3. Add notes and subtasks if you want:
    Type Minus Sign (-) followed by a SPACE at the beginning of a new line.

  4. Filter for the Project-Tag you chose. (Use the lower left dropdown that shows "-- Show All Tags --" by default.)

  5. Gather all other project related tasks by repeating Step 1. (Note: You will recognize that the Project-Tag you filtered for is preselected for your convenience.)

  6. If there are some time critical tasks add a DUE DATE and you will see how many days you have remaining. (Top right corner in a task card.)

  7. When you have all the necessary TODOs, start to pick the ones you want to start and drag them to NEXT. This makes you identify your next steps.

  8. If you feel ready to start a task, drag it from NEXT to IN PROGRESS. You can open the task and start to check all the subtasks.

  9. When you're done with a task drag it to DONE.

  10. When your completed list gets too long send tasks to the ARCHIVE in order to store them without getting visually in your way.

With this methodology you can crunch all your projects without overdoing project management. Easily keep an eye on what is important and what has still to be done.

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