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Gutschein Kit

Sell vouchers on your website.

Gutschein Kit makes it very easy to create and integrate a voucher shop to your website. The whole process of selling vouchers is covered. Selling online. Automatically sending a voucher to the customer. Redeeming vouchers via our iOS and Android Apps.

Note: Currently only available in Germany. Going international soon.

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Kanban Kit

Get Your Projects Done.

This small task management tool for OS X helps you to get your projects done. Just add tasks. Scope them on your personal projects and never loose focus again.

Everything is stored on your local machine - no cloud. You own your most sensitive data.

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Color Kit

Create beautiful color palettes for your Apps.

This simple color tool for OS X creates consistent color styleguides for your Apps. Just select a primary color and all matching UI colors will be generated automatically ready to be exported to CSS.


OS X inspired UI in the browser.

Maverix is a maccish Bootstrap Theme and Application Boilerplate. It gives your Web-Apps a native look and feel and bundles AngularJS and other components such as jQuery, Flot and rangeslider.js.

By the way: It's open source.

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